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Truly am happy and satisfied with the CBD Oil gotten from Puffins Exotics LA, in short this is the best CBD Oil I’ve ever gotten .


I’ve never love buying online because of the fear of so many fake products but am grateful because my first try here was a successful one and that’s why I keep getting my products from you people.


I couldn’t believe receiving my package in Australia within 4 working days .Thanks , the Key Lime Pie was superb.

Stephen G.

Efficient service, I will keep on ordering from this site

Greg Will

I was satisfied with what I got and the best thing I love about this site is time consciousnesses.

Bruce T.

The Skywalker OG I just tried few days ago has totally reliefmy pain, sleepless nights and insomnia. Thanks it was marvelous.

Einstein Karen

Thank you Puffins Exotics La for another sweet product you delivered to me and I really love your website. I will definitely be buying my stuffs from this site . Again , thanks

Dave B.

I’m so glad I ordered for a pound of master kush from this site, the strain has a nice smell and taste when vaped . It is for this reason I can strongly recommend anyone to order from this site if need be , once more thanks .

Eddy Wright

The gorilla glue wanted to glue my body and soul together, the taste was unique and I felt like I was the most high, hahahaha. Efficient and fast delivery site

Xavier Luis

Visité este sitio por error al buscar en Google, pero agradezco a Dios porque el error se ha convertido en mi constante tienda en línea para comprar mis productos.

Jones Stewart

Je suis très impressionné par les produits, le niveau de service et le mode de livraison rapide.

Austine Babette

O monstro dos biscoitos foi apenas mais uma grande variedade de sabor que me proporciona um clima descontraído instantâneo. Ótimo para jogar ou assistir ao Netflix, pois ele me dá um bloqueio no sofá, também mantenha um pouco de água por perto, pois você terá boca de algodão. Eu fumo algumas juntas antes de começar a jogar, vou precisar de mais dessa tensão

Jomi Maricota

I’ve never bother to care about any other buds apart of Sour diesel, Gorilla glue and OG Nova kush but when a friend of mine told me to taste Pineapple Express when I did order for it , it was only then I understood the name because the expression was something else. I need to order more of it .

Constantine N.

This is my first time I’ve tried Mango Kush , it hit me with a good head high. I think there are many strains that I’ve been neglecting to taste , now I will be ordering some more .

Lilian D.

The White Widow gotten was a good budget weed and worth it price tag, is good for the relax and lazy kinda day. The quality was good and superb

Cristian Bill

Am glad to say am happy with what I ordered because I received exactly my order with fast and reliable delivery time. Thank you Cannabis Dispensary House .

Michael J.

As the name implies Whoopi and Maya relax did their perfect job in my system, I felt relaxed like never before and can recommend it for others to use.

Antoine Hills

Moderate shipping, affordable prices and efficient . These are the qualities keeping me to always order my stuffs from this site.

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My Gummies were sweeter than what I expected , could it be that my tongue had a problem ? I think Dixie Gummies had become my favorite, I need some more and am gonna hit you soon.

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My first experience with Goddess 750 gotten from here was a perfect one , all I can say is that keep feeding this site with the same quality products and services you’ve been offering and you will keep seeing me here ordering my favorites .

Clinton H.